Sewing Project: Baby Bloomers

A make I started and finished in a day: baby bloomers! These will be perfect for the beach and the sunny weather we have coming up. 

My mum kept the pattern for me from her “Sew Style” magazine – the pattern was taken from a book called “Sew Tiny!”. I used some cute cotton she gave me for Christmas, loving the polka dot! These fit my (not so) little one beautifully.

Things I wished people had told me about parenthood

This is the first post in a series of posts about parenthood. I am a new mother to a now nearly 5 week old little boy. It’s the first child my husband and I have had. I have no idea if he’ll be the last or if the patter of his brother’s or sister’s feet will follow in the future. The thing is that there is a lot of conflicting advice out there and we’ve both found help in forums and websites and wanted to give something back. I plan on doing a series of posts with things we’ve learnt along the way to share our experiences with others. People do tell you things about parenting, but I wish people had actually sat me down and really told me some things beforehand to drill it home.

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One of my favourite costumes I’ve put together is Batwoman. I love the character and in my opinion, she doesn’t get anywhere near the mainstream attention she deserves. Plain and simply put, she’s a badass. She stands by her convictions, has a strong sense of loyalty and isn’t afraid to go it alone against the odds.  Continue reading