Diet Chef Review: Week 2

I am sick of spicy or peppery food. I’m finding I’m having more days where I may be cooking a small meal (still healthy) for myself. I will have lunches and some dinners past the 28 days this review will run on for.

Weight: 15st 0lbs (-7lbs)
BMI: 31.3 (-0.7)
Right Bicep: 36.5cm  (+0.5cm) Left Bicep: 37cm (+1cm)
Right Thigh: 64cm (+3cm) Left Thigh: 64cm (+2.5cm)
Waist: 103cm (-4cm)
Hips: 113cm (-0.5cm)
Neck: 37cm (+/-0cm)

Verdict so far:

Everything is spicy! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like spicy food and it’s not too spicy and it’s tasty, but even the chowder and tomato soup were peppery! I’m not a massive pepper fan, I’ll add it if I have to to cooking, but not by choice. I’m craving bland food!

I never thought I’d be craving bland food over chocolate in this, but I am. I’m also getting slightly fed up of microwave meals.

Looking at the positives in this. Weight loss seems to be continuing despite having the odd lunch out and having someone round for dinner. I think I’ve discovered carbs are my downfall. In the future, I’ll be loading up my plate with large portions of veg to bulk a meal out instead.

The breakfasts are still yummy. I haven’t had a bad one yet. The lunch milkshakes aren’t very filling and I get hungry soon after, but the hunger as an issue overall has died down.

I’m really curious to see how the before and after photo looks at the end of this. I’m purposefully not scrutinising myself in the mirror as I’d like to be pleasantly suprised. I’d be impressed if people could stick to the set meals for 28 days solid without straying. I’m trying my best to stay on course as much as I can.


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