Napkin Ring Tutorial

Another quick and easy make that will be added to my present stash. Napkin rings decorated with fabric flowers and butterflies.

I saw this tutorial for an origami butterfly on Mollie Makes. (Side note, if anyone ever wants to buy me a subscription to that magazine, I would love you forever, I like it as it’s so eclectic in the crafts it includes). I had some nice left over fabric, so decided to make some up. I made eight in total, two lots of four for a set of four napkin rings.

I also made up some simple fabric flowers as I was making a couple to add as an embellishment to a Japanese Knot Bag I made.

I found some wooden napkin rings online (totally didn’t buy them just because they came in a wooden box I could then decorate and make into something else). I’ve left them plain as I quite like them that way. Hot glue the decorations on and they’re done!

These will be a nice gift to give to someone if you go round for dinner, they’ll go into the stash until I the right time comes to give them away.


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