Diet Chef Review: Week 1

Week one down! Overall, some weight loss, yummy food, but small portions and still feeling hungry at times.

Weight: 15st 2lbs (-5lbs)
BMI: 31.3 (-0.7)
Right Bicep: 36cm  (+/-0cm) Left Bicep: 36cm (+/-0cm)
Right Thigh: 66cm (+5cm) Left Thigh: 66cm (+4.5cm)
Waist: 105cm (-2cm)
Hips: 113cm (-0.5cm)
Neck: 37cm (+/-0cm)

Verdict so far:

Ok, so it looks like I’ve lost more weight than the predicted 1-2lbs. I’m going to agree that some of this is probably to do with the diet but I’m not expecting this result each week – first off, you always lose more weight initially and then it peters off; secondly, I gain water weight during my monthly cycles (a noticeable amount), some off the loss is probably also due to this. The latter issue here I figure will be ruled out as when I weigh myself at the end of this, I’ll have gained whatever due to my cycle so will give me an accurate loss. I also think I’m not necessarily picking the same spot to measure my thighs.

Portion sizes are small, but I suppose that’s to be expected. Easily padded out by vegetables and fruit to fill you up. This is the first time I think I’ve ever manged to properly eat my five portions a day regularly. I’m hungry at times, but I hope this will ease as I go on.

Breakfasts – porridge is good. The raspberry and sunflower porridge is a little sweet for my palette, but the chocolate granola (and the regular granola) is really good.

Lunches – soup pouches are generous, I had mine with a couple of Ryvita (that counted as my “extras”, I found I really craved an afternoon snack though as I don’t find soup filling. Thankfully, this is another opportunity to have another fruit portion. Cream of tomato soup does not compete with Heinz.

Dinners – They can be very “saucy”, but that’s better than being dry. The chicken is nowhere near as good as fresh chicken, but it’s a microwave meal. The sausage and onion gravy is my favourite so far. Vegetable chilli I found odd, the sauce was tasty, but I didn’t like the grainy texture of the chick peas.

I’ve had a couple of lunches out this week. I tried to pick healthier options each time; so I’m pleased that I managed to acheive weight loss even with that.



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