Diet Chef: Review – Getting Started

I’ve been having a little trouble in getting rid of my post-pregnancy belly and getting my weight down to a level I’m happy with. I’ve tried calorie restriction using apps like MyFitnessPal and monitoring my exercise levels with my Fitbit, but to no avail. As a test, I’m going to give Diet Chef a trial for four weeks and review it as I go. I plan on tracking the weight loss and reviewing the food to perhaps help others in the same boat and to help motivate me and keep me on track.


I managed to find a Groupon deal which reduced the hefty £245 cost of Diet Chef for four weeks with down to £95 with no subscription and £5.95 p&p. We ordered on a Saturday night and I got a text message informing me that delivery would be on Tuesday. I figured this is a pretty good deal, and isn’t really that far off what food shopping for one person would be in that period. I got 28 breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks which I could choose from their menu. You just add your own fresh fruit and veg – which I have no problem with as I’m a little picky about my fruit.

The meals themselves work out to be 1200 calories a day once you’ve added in the milk, fruit and veg. There seemed to be a decent range of choice – the breakfasts included porridge for those who prefer something more substantial in the morning (like me) and cereal bars (for people who just can’t face food after waking). There were also a good range of soups for lunches (predominantly soups), sweet and savoury snacks and a good selection of dinners, also catering for vegetarians. All the ingredients were listed for any allergy sufferers out there.


My Activity Level:

To help make this relatable, I figured I best include my activity level. I’m not an exercise nut. Running bores me stupid. I don’t enjoy the gym and I used to enjoy swimming until the incident where some bloke nicked my towel. A lot of my hobbies are sedentary (see the crafting posts on this blog).

I’ve been doing the 30 Day Flat Ab Challenge to try and help tone up my tummy and rebuild the strength in my core following the pregnancy. I’ll be maintaining this over the 28 day period as it’s really helped and I’ve noticed the difference. I go for walks every other day (up to an hour going to town and back) and do a little yoga on the other days. I also spend my time chasing round after a 7 month old who is loving his ability to roll and is not far off crawling. So I guess that counts as some weight lifting there, as he’s not a small baby!

Starting measurements:

Height: 5″9
Weight: 15 st 7 lbs.
BMI (according to the Diet Chef website): 32

Right Bicep: 36cm   Left Bicep: 36cm
Right Thigh: 61cm   Left Thigh: 61.5cm
Waist: 107cm
Hips: 113.5cm
Neck: 37cm

Based on my height and weight and level of exercise they said I would burn around 2428 calories per day and recommended 1728 calories a day to achieve a 1-2lbs weight loss each week. So in theory, I have another 528 calories I can eat per day to still manage healthy weight loss.


A note on weight and BMI:

I’m not a massive fan of weight or BMI, I’m a big build and have always been at the higher end of the scale, even when I’ve been relatively slim and active. BMI is a good general indicator but is not a definitive guide. I’ll monitor my weight as part of this exercise and work out my BMI, but I will also measure my hips, arms, waist and legs to help provide more information.

Before photo:

People say that taking a photo is a good way of showing change. I’m ok to say that I have body issues (as do most people) and I’m not particularly happy with the way I look, but hey, that’s why I’m doing this. I’m hoping I’ll be much happier with the after photos.

Target Weight Loss:

My BMI should be between 18.5 and 25. Diet Chef recommends a weight between 8st 13lbs and 12st 1lbs. I do not think this will happen unless I lose a limb or two along the way. If I go for the standard 2lbs a week, I’d be aiming for 14st 13lbs. If I’m honest, I hope to lose more than that, but I don’t have a set figure in mind. I’m going into this to see what happens, so my target weight = less than my current weight.

Thoughts so far:

The website is easy to use and they have a good FAQ section and encourage people to contact them for more information (I haven’t so far). The meal selection was good. I’m not sure about their generic BMI calculator but I’ve made my thoughts known on that.


2 thoughts on “Diet Chef: Review – Getting Started

  1. Good luck.

    Once this is completed (which I am sure will help a lot) it is then about finding a sustainable way to look after your weight. My first blog shares what I did (essentially two very low calorie days a week). I hope you find something that works for you😃


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