Fabric Baby Photo Album

I finally got round to using the PhotoFabric paper my parents have me for Christmas. This stuff is AMAZING. You basically print off whatever image you want to from your printer, peel off the backing paper and voila! Your image is perfectly printed onto a sheet of cotton!

I’ve been sitting on this stuff for a while now and I suddenly had a flash of inspiration, a fabric photo album for my son! The pattern was easy enough to make, I made a cardboard template using measurements from another book and cut out four pieces of fabric using two different colours, two pieces each colour. This gave me eight sides to put an image on. I also cut up some wadding to add some bulk and softness to the book.
I placed each picture on the fabric and did a zig zag stitch roughly round to keep the picture in place.

Wrong sides together, I sewed each piece (contrasting colours together) along each of the sides with wadding in between. I left a small hole to then turn the pouch the right way round and top stitched each of the longest sides (where I left my hole).
Finally, I placed the pages together and sewed two straight lines to form the spine of the book.

Considering this was a first attempt and made from a pattern inside my head, I’m pretty chuffed with the results!

I know I’ll definitely be making some of these for future baby showers!


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