Things I wished people had told me about parenthood

This is the second post on this topic. As it’s still relatively recent, I thought I’d touch on the hospital experience. 

Prepare for your hospital stay and plan on staying longer than you initially thought.

There’s a lot of different advice out there about what to put in your hospital bag, so I’m not going to write out a list of essentials.

As I had gestational diabetes, I was given a date on which I’d be induced into labour. This meant that I could plan a little in advance and didn’t have the worry about when I’d go into labour after that date. I did still make sure I put my hospital bag into the car a month in advance as well as the car seat, ready to go (along with a couple of towels in case my water had broken).

The thing I didn’t bank on was staying in hospital for more than one night. As I had minor complications and needed a blood transfusion, I had to stay in for two nights. Thankfully, I’m a little anal when preparing for things, I had packed extra underwear and clothes. The thing I ran short of was nappies and wipes (having never needing to plan for that before). Luckily the Bounty lady made the rounds just in time with some free samples.

Our hospital also allowed for husbands/partners to stay overnight, which meant we needed to make sure my husband had an overnight bag too. The thing they didn’t do was cater for visitors, so we made sure we packed a lunch and snacks so that my husband didn’t have to spend a lot in the cafes or so that he wasn’t restricted to vending machines.

The staff at our hospital were amazing and made our experience as good as it could be. It did feel like a bit of a production line at times, they obviously deliver hundreds of babies, so everything is second nature to them. However, when we asked for help or clarification on things, they were brilliant. Ask questions when you can and when that support is there, that’s exactly what the nurses, doctors and healthcare assistants are there for.


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