Rowan Knitted Short Row Shawl

I’ve dabbled a bit in knitting, doing very small projects, but I haven’t ever made anything big, or even medium-sized really. My mum is a whiz at most crafts and she’s made many a creation for people, including myself, over the years. For Mother’s Day, I thought I’d try and repay her with a handmade shawl.

There are a few mistakes in there – I’ve learnt that knitting over a sleeping baby on your lap is a bad idea; they soon learn how to grab a needle and yank it away, dropping all the stitches as they maintain eye contact and an innocent face. Hopefully people won’t notice the mistakes unless they look too closely.

This is the first time I’ve knitted a repeating pattern like this, it’s simple, but I quite like it.

The pattern itself was free from Love Knitting. They have a wide range of free patterns and the thing I love about their site is that they tell you how many balls of wool you need for each pattern before you buy. I’ve already got another couple of projects on the go from patterns from their site, which hopefully I’ll be posting soon!


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