Nursery Bag

Another make from Debbie Shore’s Sew Useful book. We needed a small laundry bag for the new arrival, and this hanging nursery bag fitted the bill.

IMG_0162This is the finished bag from the book. The one downside of the pattern for me was that due to the way you fold the fabric, half of the front side fabric will be upside down – you can see this on the left hand side of her photo. My parents gave me a few odd measures of fabric for Christmas that I was going through to decide on what to use, when I noticed this elephant pattern, which works both ways!


This is my finished product! Again, really pleased with the way this turned out. As usual, the instructions were easy to follow and the pictures clear. This took me an afternoon to sit down and sew with my machine.

So far, I haven’t hit a duff pattern with Debbie Shore. Well worth the £6.64 I paid for the kindle book!


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