One of my favourite costumes I’ve put together is Batwoman. I love the character and in my opinion, she doesn’t get anywhere near the mainstream attention she deserves. Plain and simply put, she’s a badass. She stands by her convictions, has a strong sense of loyalty and isn’t afraid to go it alone against the odds. writers-walk-after-dc-alters-batwoman-storylines-header

I first did this costume for London Film and Comic Con in summer 2014. It was long coming together and I have 4th Wall Design to thank for doing the mask, gauntlets, belt and logo commission. From this first outing, I discovered quite a few things that needed altering to get it right and wearable. Very quickly, I learnt how hot it was and how difficult it was to get cool fast!IMAG0176

After its first outing, I made a few tweaks and took it to MCM Expo in October. I managed to grab a few photos by Chi-O Photography.

Tim doing a sterling job being intimidated as Director Bones there too! I’ll get round to bringing this costume out again after I’ve lost some of the baby weight.


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