Susan Sto Helit Costume

I went to Sheffield Film and Comic Con in 2014 and revamped my Susan costume ready for it. Unfortunately, the scythe we had before had a little accident with the floor and I’d been meaning to make it more canon, so I took the opportunity to hurriedly upgrade the scythe.

Ages ago, we found two scythe handles at a random antique shop, which we picked up for a few pounds each. I’d spent some time sawing off the rusted metal, sanding the wood down and treating the wood. They’d then sat in our shed for a few months until I got round to working on them!

IMG_1165I love the shape on the smaller one and it fits in with the models you can buy of her, plus one is slightly taller to go with Tim’s Death. As the wood was so uneven, I coated pretty much the whole thing in wood filler, smoothing it out and then sanding it down once dry.

IMG_1166For the blade, ideally I’d have liked to have done a couple of sheets for strength, but I had very little left and a deadline and a minimal budget to work to. The canon part of me knows that Death only has one scythe and when he’s using that, Susan has his sword (which I commissioned from someone a while ago and it’s an utter work of art). So I wanted to create one blade that was inter-changeable with both scythes.  The added bonus of this that some conventions have rules in which bulky props need to be able to be dismantled when walking through the halls (you’ll take someone’s eye out with that thing!).

IMG_1168Et voila! As you can hopefully see from the photo, I created a cap from worbla that would fit on either scythe. I then painted both scythes and cap in an ebony wood paint (canon gremlin satiated).

IMG_1172All that was left was to paint the blade and add silver detailing onto the scythe. Due to time constraints, I had to buy my spray paint from Halfords, and ended up buying car spray paint. I’m now a convert. It’s fantastic and covered everything easily, plus it hasn’t chipped yet. May buy it again for something like this. Lastly, I bought some iridescent blue glitter and added a line on to the edge of the blade so that it looks sharp enough to cut souls with.

P1040587Upgrade complete!





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