Sewn Pouches

I was given a sewing book by my parents for Christmas by Debbie Shore. After looking at her book range further, I invested in her Sew Useful kindle book. She has some really nice small projects to complete and I may be slowly working my way through them!thumb_IMG_0189_1024

The first completed project I’m posting on here is her Jewellery Pouch. This is a photo from her book showing the finished product. They’re quite sweet and petite and could easily be used to put a small gift in just to add to presentation.


These are my three! Although she does say that it can be used for other small things. I could imagine it being used for travelling for jewellery, earrings or small charms from charm bracelets.


I made three in a morning. It’s a really simple pattern and her book has basic instructions and picture guides to follow. The book itself does not have pull-out patterns in it, rather it tells you what shape and how big you need your pieces (hence downloading it on my kindle). I spent some of my morning measuring out plates and pan lids to see what was big enough to use as a template. thumb_IMG_0187_1024 The inside of the pouches have little pockets. I raided my fabric stash to get some nice, bright contrasting colours to compliment the neutral fat quarter fabric I picked up from John Lewis with a Christmas gift card.


These are going to be added to a small stockpile of handmade things that I can start giving out as presents this year. I’ll be posting more projects from her books in the coming weeks. I just need to pick up some more fabric.


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