Cuddle Crew

In 2015 I went to a craft show at the NEC in Birmingham. I was on the lookout for some simple sewing projects to keep me occupied, and what with my impending arrival, the Cuddle Crew Soft Toy patterns caught my eye. 

They had a show offer on, so I bought a couple of patterns and raided my fabric at home for suitable bright colours to give them a go. This was part of an economy drive to reduce my fabric stocks before I can justify buying more.

I tried Ollie the Octopus first. I had some left over stretch fabric from some costumes I’ve made previously and thought the bright primary colours would be appealing.

Derek the Dinosaur was next. A little bit more tricky than Ollie, but still a fairly easy pattern to make up for beginners. I used some googly eyes that I found in my stash, which I feel adds to his character.

The nice thing about making your own toys is the pleasure in making them and then seeing them being used. There’s the added bonus that if Derek or Ollie gets lost, then a replacement can be made up with the saved pattern.

This is my first time sewing a toy up. The patterns were pretty easy to follow and they have a clear difficulty rating on each pattern. There was only one typo I’d noticed in the Derek pattern (that escapes me for the moment), but when you looked at the pieces and the pictures and re-read the instructions, it was pretty self-explanatory as to what it meant. I used my machine for most of it, apart from the final joining of the seams after stuffing. You could sew these by hand if you were so inclined too.

I may have to pay another visit to the site to add to my now growing collection.


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