First Post!

Just an introductory first post. I hope to develop this blog over the coming months as somewhere to catalogue my completed projects (and failures).

I’m starting this mainly as something for myself, I know I’ve come across other blogs by people that I’ve found useful over the years, and if this helps someone else in the same way, I figure it’s paying back in my own small way.

As I write this post, I’m expecting my first child in a few days. I’ve been using my crafting skills to prepare for the arrival, partly as a way to save money. This may be a naive thing to say now, and I will in all likelihood look back on this first post in a few months time and laugh, but I plan on using some of this “flexible time” whilst on maternity leave to further work on my craft skills.

We’ll see how this progresses. I’m open for recommendations, criticisms and any questions people may have. I just hope someone finds this interesting enough to read.


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