Diet Chef: Review – Getting Started

I’ve been having a little trouble in getting rid of my post-pregnancy belly and getting my weight down to a level I’m happy with. I’ve tried calorie restriction using apps like MyFitnessPal and monitoring my exercise levels with my Fitbit, but to no avail. As a test, I’m going to give Diet Chef a trial for four weeks and review it as I go. I plan on tracking the weight loss and reviewing the food to perhaps help others in the same boat and to help motivate me and keep me on track.

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Thirty minute make: covered notebooks

So pleased with the way these notebooks have turned out. I made them whilst my little boy had a nap, and it’s probably taken me longer to write this blogpost than it did to make them. These are being added to my crafty present stash which I always go to when birthdays or Christmas comes up. I make throughout the year so to help spread the cost (a lot of January birthdays in my family which stings the bank balance after Christmas!)

You’ll need:

Notebooks – these were A7 notebooks I picked up from Paperchase a while back. There are probably cheaper places to pick some up, so hunt around.

Glue. I am a Mod Podge convert. Have you heard the gospel of Mod Podge?

A selection of decorative paper & card. I had a pack in my craft stash, I also used some from a magazine called Mollie’s Makes (which my mum passed on to me).

To make up:

Spread a layer of glue on the front of the notebook.

Position your paper on the front. Be careful to not obstruct the top holes and make sure you position your design nicely on the front. Leave extra round the edges and smooth it on to the glued front.

To make the back of the front cover neat, cut some contrasting paper/card  slightly smaller than the front cover. Fold the extra edge of your covering paper over to the back, cut a triangle at the corners to get a neat corner fold. Glue down the edges and then glue the contrasting card down on top and hold in place gently till slightly set.

Wait to dry and voila! Bland notebooks turned into cute little stocking fillers!

Fabric Baby Photo Album

I finally got round to using the PhotoFabric paper my parents have me for Christmas. This stuff is AMAZING. You basically print off whatever image you want to from your printer, peel off the backing paper and voila! Your image is perfectly printed onto a sheet of cotton!

I’ve been sitting on this stuff for a while now and I suddenly had a flash of inspiration, a fabric photo album for my son! The pattern was easy enough to make, I made a cardboard template using measurements from another book and cut out four pieces of fabric using two different colours, two pieces each colour. This gave me eight sides to put an image on. I also cut up some wadding to add some bulk and softness to the book.
I placed each picture on the fabric and did a zig zag stitch roughly round to keep the picture in place.

Wrong sides together, I sewed each piece (contrasting colours together) along each of the sides with wadding in between. I left a small hole to then turn the pouch the right way round and top stitched each of the longest sides (where I left my hole).
Finally, I placed the pages together and sewed two straight lines to form the spine of the book.

Considering this was a first attempt and made from a pattern inside my head, I’m pretty chuffed with the results!

I know I’ll definitely be making some of these for future baby showers!